la vie en rose

Edit: Thanks for the heads up! The links below are now working. :)
When I think about February, I think about love. When I think about love, I think about warm, fuzziness. When I think about warm fuzzies, I think about the color pink. When I think about the color pink, I remember that it's my most favorite color in the whole wide world and it makes my life really beautiful.
1. Thrifted Pink Gooseberry Pyrex, 2. sunflower*love, 3. pink tulle gown, 4. think pink, 5. Pink Rose, 6. my favourite pink doll shoes, 7. Pink Squares, 8. Um ano de Pano p'ra Mangas, 9. pink gadgets


Fairlightday said...

LOVE this post! Love the color pink! So inspiring for getting into the V~day spirit! :)

Anonymous said...

This is a cute inspiration board! Just wanted to let you know, though, that the only link that works is no. 2.

Happy Weekend!

have a lovely said...

the loveliest compilation of PINK!!! Not only do I love pink, but also tutus, pyrex, doll shoes, and fabric! Just precious!