celebrate 2008

It's not Times Square, but it's still lovely & magical--When in San Francisco {during the holidays} you can definitely find respite from the shopping hustle and bustle in Union Square. Due to crazy work schedules this week, Jeff and I celebrated our New Year's Eve a bit early. We strolled through Union Square and took a little kissy pic in front of the grandorious Christmas tree before a little after-Christmas shopping at Macy's and getting cozy+full at a delish new Italian place. The Union Square tree is especially magical to me because each light is sponsored to raise money for the UCSF Children's Hospital, where I {love to} work!
And since I'll never have the self-control to actually keep my lofty resolutions--this year I'm offering up a few New Year's prayers:

*Prayers of gratitude for our endless answered prayers in 2007, and for God's grace, forgiveness, and promise of heaven.
*Praying for increased trust and faith, for more abundant living, for grace to be patient, a little less homesick and a little more of a homemaker; praying to be a more devout, loving wife.
*Praying for knowledge and strength to be an exceptional nurse and for grace to reflect Christ's love while caring for my extremely sick little patients.
*Praying for wellness in my dear friends and family. Praying for a perfect, healthy little nephew to be born in just one more month!
*Praying that Jeff will find gumption, success, and a sense of purpose as he chases his filmmaking dreams.
*Praying for opportunities to share the Good News and shine my light in dark places.

Happy New Year everyone! XO jessica


Casey said...

what a great idea, prayers for the new year! You have some great, thoughtful ones. --Who keeps their resolutions anyways!? i never have...

emily said...

hi and happy holidays/new year!! so i'm wondering...what type of filmmaking dreams does jeff have? my older bro is in the industry so i was just curious.

alyssa said...

Happy New Year! Love the prayer idea...I'm terrible with resolutions too.