irony? karma? you decide.

Despite a West Coast hurricane, it was a lovely little weekend. My childhood (& still today!) friend Kayt landed in S.F. on Wednesday night, prepared to take a break from her busy grad-school life and ready for a girly-style adventure of shopping, winetasting, shopping, eating out, shopping, and just plain catching up. We were determined not to let the inclement weather stand in our way. Even on Friday morning, after waking up to 70+ mph winds, a candlelight breakfast (the power went out around 8am), and watching two of the neighbors' trees fall into the street, we set out to paint the town and shop the day away. All in all, it was a delightful visit. Thanks for coming, K! :)

This is my absolute favorite shot of the entire weekend: Is it irony or twisted karma? You a buy a Prius in hopes of going green--saving the trees, and instead one comes crashing down through your windshield. {Glad it wasn't my car.}

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