Hello, hello! Sincerest apologies for such blog neglect. Life has been out of control lately! I've been practically living at the hospital the past few days, working, working, + planning baby showers, + pulling together everything for our road trip to Tacoma this weekend for Heather and Justin's wedding! Just a sampling of my crazy (but fun!) to-do list swirling through my head right now:

1. Pick up Jeff's suit
2. G-store: stock up on car-friendly trip goodies
3. Buy tire chains + learn how to put them on for the inevitable snowstorm we'll get caught in on an already-dreadful steep mountain pass
5. Finish decorations
6. Assemble a wedding emergency kit: safety pins, eye make-up remover, florists' tape, Shout wipes...What am I forgetting!?
7. New iTunes for the road
8. Clear camera memory cards
9. Phone calls
10. Prayers. Caffeine.

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Leslie said...

as far as the emergency kit goes, add in a bottle of water, gum or mints, bobby pins, Boutinerre pins,

just a couple ideas. I always have one when I photograph weddings. Im drawing a blank right now.