love a man in argyle

Shopping is Jeff's least favorite thing. Ever. I think he'd rather scrub the toilet with his toothbrush than go shopping with me. {Ok, perhaps that's a slight exaggeration.} So I knew yesterday would be a difficult day when I mandated that it was the absolute latest possible day for him to find his new black suit for Heather's wedding. We've known for a month now that he needed to purchase a suit for the wedding next weekend, but somehow it got pushed to the back burner. To make a long story short, after searching at the obvious places {Men's Warehouse, Macy's, Target???}, he found a killer steal at none other than JCPenney! I'm so proud. We found him a decent $450 suit that was 50% off plus mismatched with the wrong sized pants. Waist size 57, no problem. We scoured the clearance rack to find the matching pants in his size and got them for just $20!! Let me tell you, it's a mighty handsome suit that he loves. Of course, on our way out of the store he asked, "So with all the money I saved us, do you think I could buy some movies?" :) Love that boy. And now for the icing on my cake: Yesterday, I also kindly hinted at getting *this* a-dorable argyle sweater. He actually liked it, tried it on, and talked about wearing it. I just never thought this day would come. After years of worn-out Batman and Anti-Terrorist Task Force tees, I finally have a well-dressed husband!


Leslie said...

so cute.
I have a hubby who is similar but when we went and bought him his suit, he also got excited, however hate to pop your bubble he will resort back to t-shirt and shoes that don't belong... they are men after all.. :)

Megan said...

Miss you Jess! Good luck keeping the well-dressed hubby :)

chelle said...

it never ceases to amaze me, how sharp my normally cute tee-shirt and jeans wearing hubs can look when he dresses up. and i will never forget the day he bought a pin striped suit at Nordstrom Rack for an interview. And he knew it was worth it to spend a little more $$, when he couldn't argue with what I told him about looking like " a million bucks. "
Can't wait to seea and hear all about that wedding.