12 days

I've always been a fan of the 12 days of Christmas carol and today, I am a HUGE fan of these 12 Days of Christmas plates. How darling would they be for a holiday dinner party setting? Each plate is so unique and lovely.


Becca said...

Ok, I have to post here so you will see my comment! I love your tree! I'm jealous! I might decorate the lodge today. We are such kindred spirits, I just started listening to the Sarah McLaughlin song you introduced me to years ago, and got into the Christmas spirit! And the fact that we both thought of the exact same advent thing, crazy! Here's to a Merry December!

alyssa said...

Those plates are so cute! They would be perfect for the dinner party we are hosting this Christmas Eve with Rob's family. But at $99, I can rationalize the purchase. Maybe I'll add it to my list this year so we can use them next year :)