We couldn't wait another single day to hop around town and hunt for the perfect tree. On our drive home from Tacoma last Sunday, we passed truck after truck hauling loads of tightly wrapped, magical pines down from the mountains. Combine this whimsical sight with 2-rounds of Sarah McLachlan Wintersong (my current and perhaps most-favorite-ever Christmas album), to pass away the long hours on the road...and I was 100% in the spirit! Yesterday was our first free afternoon together--we wasted no time, bouncing from tree lot to tree lot in search of 1. a bargain 2. a 7+ footer to scrape our high ceilings and 3. nothing Charlie Brown. With such high standards, I will admit, it took us 5 stops to get it right. Our local Target Garden Center to the rescue! This lovely Noble Pine cost half of the standard rate in S.F. Plus, I scored some chic gold beads on sale to trim this glorious tree. {Sigh.} I couldn't feel more at home in our twinkling, pine-scented living room!

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chelle said...

Super lovely. And I too adore Wintersong. :)