swell's update

*Watching Dancing with the Stars, Martha, and am bumming about missing Grey's last night.

*Listening to Pedro the Lion.

*Savoring bananas with Nutella.

*Loving the fact that Jeff just rearranged his work schedule and is now working 3 extremely long days a week in order to make time for filmmaking and chilling with his wifey.

*Wishing for Amazon gift cards to fall from the sky so that I can order this book and this cookbook to get me going. You see, the problem with checking out craft and cookbooks from the library is that it takes you apx. 1.8 weeks to get around to actually making anything out of the book and you are 100% broken-hearted to return the books after becoming so attached.

*Attempting to live a healthier life. I've started to run again(!) after almost a year of lame excuses, occasional walks and bike rides. I had a major kick-in-the-butt from my marathon-running friend Mel on Monday! (So if you're reading this, thanks Melissa!) Although I won't be running marathons anytime soon, I am attempting to do a couple of miles each day. And if I can, anyone can, because I'm the most unmotivated girl ever!

*Still searching for 10 more boxes of green jell-o.

*Excited about sharing spell with flickr with you! (I used this website to create the word art above!)

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Tracy said...

Jess, if you missed Grey's, don't forget that you can always go on abc.go.com and watch full versions of the shows on the site!!

ps..the episode was pretty weird...

miss you!