5 down, 10 to go!?

It seems a bit foreign to me to get back to writing about the mundanes in life after a trip to fantasy wedding world! It was such fun to scour the world wide web for creative new wedding ideas, I've concluded I don't even need to dedicate just one week to it...Since my blog aims to share the swell beauties in life, I have the liberty to post about weddings any day of the year. So trust me, wedding week will not be the last of it!

Last Friday night we hosted a little soiree for many of our awesome church friends. It is always a treat to get together more often than Sundays! We had an Italian feast at our little apartment and finished the evening out with some of the best entertainment ever at this swanky jazz club.

Upon returning home from our sensational evening on the town, I discovered a peculiar, out-of-place box of green jell-o in my kitchen cupboard. Weird. "6 of 15, What in the world?" Mike has totally retaliated from my 4th of July mischief. Allow me to share the cliff notes: (June) Mike helped us move in, teasing me about a certain box of cookbooks filled with Minnesota-Lutheran jell-o salad recipes. (July) Mike requests that we bring a green salad to the 4th of July BBQ. I bring green jell-o. I am proud of my witiness until now. Now the joke's on me again. Now I am still looking for 10 more boxes of jell-o, cleverly hidden in the depths of this apartment. Now I am seeking vengence...Time to take this practical joke up a notch. Any ideas?

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Casey said...

this is really funny. i have been trying to think of the next move for you, but can not think of anything clever. i will keep thinking. ;)