is it really fall?

I must say, this is the oddest fall I've ever experienced! First, it is getting warmer here by the day. After wearing sweaters all summer, I'm finally starting to break out some Ts and capris. Second: fall colors? Not a chance! The closest I've seen is the wreath on my front door and the advent of Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks. Third, for the first time in my life since age 4, I am not going back to school. Oh how I've been pining to buy new pencils and jeans, crack open fresh notebooks and spend an eternity and fortune in line at the campus bookstore. Well, scratch that last one. :) In order to console my confused internal calendar, I've undergone a little retail therapy. Included in my alternative back-to-school purchases:

1. A lovely green REAL SIMPLE address book--it's about time I updated, converged, and organized all of our contacts. This will make Christmas cards a breeze!

2. A tiny purse notebook--perfect for jotting down all of the things and places I still need to see and do in S.F.! Also intended for ideas, sketches, and inspiration while on the go.

3. Cheap-ola chipboard letters from the Target one spot. Scrapbookers, hurry! These letters are adorable, self-adhesive, and only $1!

4. Cozy, corduroy, calico sneakers. We're getting along so well!

5. This textbook (?). Thought I was done splurging on these puppies, but it's time to start studying up before I begin my nursing job on the Pediatric Cardiac ICU!


Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

I love my RS address book. It is the perfect size and has plenty of room for birthdays in the back. enjoy!

emily said...

cute shoes! fall is the right time for a little splurging...even if it's not "back to school"! good for you getting a textbook to brush up with!

Becca said...

clever, clever, love the "deal" you found, so good it almost could be a steal. wink, wink! So sad, they flipped the one spot to the opposite side of target so I don't get to check it out everyday as I walk over to the bakery, I will head over to the electronics side (blue world as the target jargon goes)tomorrow to see if I can find those.

Fairlightday said...

How lovely to read about the little things going on in your life! :) I adore the shoes! I'm still wearing flip flops everywhere, even to church. Heels and my back don't go together very well right now. lol I wanted to share this link with you, and hope you have a happy day! <3 http://lifeinthelowcountry.spaces.live.com/

alyssa said...

Love your finds! Fall does feel like starting fresh. What a great idea to carry around a small notebook for inspiration!