all is full of loveliness

These sunflowers on my kitchen table are still in full, vibrant bloom after over a week! What a great investment! Funny how a little clean sweep through your home makes you see its little corners and character through new eyes. Actually, I am reluctantly cleaning this afternoon and I needed to take a little break and remind myself that having a sparkling apartment is a very good and necessary task!
As a housewarming gift, my friend Amy gave us one of the pottery pieces she threw at a class last summer. It's in the window right now, full of yarn that's begging to be used! *Thank you, Amy, I love!* Speaking of which, it's time for an update on my late-year's resolution to be more crafty: I re-learned to crochet and made this little lavendar flower this week. It took me about 13 attempts and 3 hours altogether, but the important thing is that it looks like a flower and I'm not afraid to make lots, lots more! Now back to cleaning...

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Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

I'm impressed- I can't even remember my resolutions for this year! (Much less create that adorable flower!)I think I'd wear it on a jacket.