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Domino magazine is hosting an interior design competition for real people's real decorating. From now until October 23, you can submit a photo of your best and brightest room here for a chance to win a shopping spree, spa retreat, or have your work featured in their mag! I'm not sure any of my rooms could ever compete, but I am having a ball perusing through the entries! These are some of my favorites:
I recognized this room right away! It's from sfgirlbybay's charming apartment. I'm in love with her shabby chic whites, with yellow and pink accents, and her collection of etsy art!
The orange and fuchsia are so unexpected in this very elegant room. I think that's what I love about it most. I also adore the springtime silhouettes painted on the door panels.Who wouldn't love a wall of built-in bookshelves in their living room or study? I can't think of a better, more personal way to decorate a wall! I'm also loving the coffee table.
And my favorite for last. Parisian bliss! The bed, the chandelier, the dreamy aqua and warm reds and pinks. Love it all. Tucking these ideas away in my dreamy little head!


Amy Nieto said...

Hiya! Thanks for posting in my blog!

Someday we will have apartments like these. I also am constantly daydreaming while I flip the pages of design magazines. :D

Fairlightday said...

Love the floor to ceiling bookcases! ;) Really, all of them are lovely. Getting my new magazines every month in the mail is a highlight and a spend about a week devouring every single page. And then I have to challenge myself to use those creative ideas during the month. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. But it's fun to plan! Have a wonderful day!

Pen Pen said...

I LUV all the things u post! We must have similar style preferences or something.
love, love, love it!