busy bee

I just got home from work, realized I left my cell-phone there, polished off an entire carton of raspberries (D-lish), and oh yeah, my to-do list! Can you tell that my head is swirling!? It seems that our San Francisco bed & breakfast is in full swing: I am *so* excited because my parents and littlest, or should I say, youngest brother (he's 12--and officially taller and stronger...but don't tell him that!) are coming to visit this weekend! It will be so great to see them--I don't think I've ever gone this long without. Can you believe it's been 3 months already, since we moved to Cali? Anyway, it was such a sweet surprise & blessing that they could find time to come. Seriously, I was hoping that they would be able to come before next summer. It's going to be a quickie visit (3 days), so I'm trying my very hardest to plan ahead. For the next 24 hours, I am in travel agent/hostess mode...making schedules, lists, and getting this place whipped into shape! What are your plans for the long weekend? Whatever you have in store, make it delightful!

Do you not love these gold bee earrings by Anthropologie? Totally unique and inspiring me today.


emily said...

have a great weekend! it's so fun when family comes to visit...don't wear yourself out!

Fairlightday said...

I can't wait to see what pillows you come up with Jessica. I'm sure they will be delightful. :) Isn't family visiting nice? I hope you guys have lots and lots of fun this weekend. Enjoy your little brother. They grow up before you know it. (I have a 16 yr. old brother and a 12 yr. old sister, so I can relate.) We are going camping for a our long weekend. Yes, tent camping. And me, 6 1/1 months pregnant. What was I thinking??!? :) It will be fun though. I'll write all about it when we get home. Talk to you soon!

chelle said...

Have a blast with your family. What a treat to get to have them come see you in SF after only three months of moving away.
This weekend we are once again making the long trek to ID, where our parents live. It's a 7 hour drive and it'll be our 4th time in 2 and half weeks! And I am not kidding.
David's Dad has ALS and is now in the last stages of the disease. And we want to spend as much time with him and the rest of our family as possible. He has heaven to look forward to though , so as hard as it is it's been a beautiful time for all of us.
Will be pop in again for a visit and maybe a cup of imaginary tea, just as soon as we are home. But in the meantime, have the best weekend.

moderncountry said...

Hi Jessica,
so fun that you stopped by! And yes you may use the pictures if you want to give someone inspirations :) I love the kitchen and i really think it is perfect for countrygirls like you and me,
Enjoy your weekend (",)

alyssa said...

Have a wonderful weekend with your family!