Recently, I've discovered a new favorite blog filled with European thrift shop finds and lovely French country design! Aina at Modern Country is a sweet girl from the Netherlands, with so much fresh inspiration to share. In one of her recent posts, she visited a local interior design shop and fell head-over-heels in love with this kitchen. First of all, I am also in love!! Second, I am completely dazzled by her flea market finds. This girl's style rocks!


moderncountry said...

Oh Jessica!
You are too nice, you know! Thank you so much for very sweet words. I am feeling a bit embarrassed right now :)
It is so great to know that we can inspire other people, and that we in return can receive so much motivations, inspirations and support. It shure makes my life so much more joyful. Again, thank you and enjoy the pictures. I shure do :)
Have a wonderful Sunday, sweet dreams, Aina

Casey said...

I found Modern Country through your blog, too!! So much to look at, such great inspiration!