I can't even help it. I am head-over-heels, in love, obsessed with these gorgeous new pillows from Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic. (They would be absolutely perfect for filling those big, empty, bay windows in our apartment!) In fact, you could even dare to say that I follow her design religiously. Everything is so light, fresh, and downright girly in a good way. True confessions: 1. A few months ago, just for fun on a Friday night, cozy on my couch, I devoured one of her latest books The Shabby Chic Home, instead of tackling the infinite list of should-be-doings. 2. Since one of her delightful little boutiques is located just across the street from my work, you can bet that I regularly peruse there...which only fuels my obsession! 3. Here's hoping that either she releases similar pillows in her more affordable Simply Shabby Chic line at Target, or a Shabby Chic shopping spree falls from the sky so I can snatch these beauties up today!


Amanda said...

Jessica, I love shabby chic too! I didn't know there was a store near you....I thiiink we might have to visit it when I come in March :)

chelle said...

So pretty. I didn't know she had her own store-store. And to think that you are right across the street from it on a daily basis. Sigh. I don't know wether that would prove to be more of a temptation or inspiration to me. :)

Fairlightday said...

I have to think it would be a terrible temptation for me. :) I love Rachel Ashwell's stuff more than words can say. I wish they would carry more of her stuff at Target and get some new stuff out there as well. I would have a whole "Shabby Chic" filled home if I had the money. Love the pillows you picked out. Could you sew some that are similar? Much cheaper and they would be a Jessica original. Just a thought.