a happy day indeed

As much as I wish this was another apt. tour pic, I must confess that it is not. Rather, it's a little visual from S.F. field trip #5 and here's how the story all began: As previously mentioned, my nursing job does not begin until October. In the mean time...I'm Starbucks searching. Although my first Starbucks prospect fizzled, I am *so excited* because the store that did hire me is in one of my absolute favorite areas in S.F. It's tucked amid the delightful shops and boutiques of Fillmore Street. I intentionally left plenty early for my interview yesterday, simply so that I could do a little window shopping. That's when I discovered this dazzling little boutique, Nest, where Paris-chic meets Indian-boho. This store is so beautiful that I'd be perfectly content to live here...if only I could afford its delights!
If nothing else, I am completely satisfied by the sweet and sensational eye candy of spending just 15 minutes within its doors. Dreamy.
Also on Fillmore St., I discovered the Clay theater--apparently one of S.F.'s oldest and a 1-screen. The charm! I'd heard such great things about La Vie en Rose (Life in Pink), that I knew this Frenchie film was a must-see for my aspiring-filmmaker-husband and me. It is based on a true story of Edith Piaf; a wonderful rags-to-riches account of her life as a singer. The actress' performance is perhaps the best part. She is so real and amazing. The whole film is shot in muted colors and has beautiful music...I'd recommend adding it to your list!


Casey said...

Your blog is so inspiring and cute!! Keep it up!

Jenny said...

Looks like such a cute store, I would love to go sometime. Quick blogging ? for you...how did you get the pic you used for your banner to fit. I keep trying and it takes up like half of my page, huge frustration, so if you have any advice let me know.