just another painting day!

Another busy little day here in our (almost) swank S.F. pad! Today we tackled the oh-so-ugly dark sage green in the bedroom. Tough job! But, 3 coats of paint later we are satisfied by the ever-soothing Candlelight Ivory replacement. (Sweet-sentimental-sidenote: the color of my wedding dress was candlelight ivory too!) That makes me very happy. In fact, all shades of white make me happy. To some, it's a boring color, but to me--it's energetic yet calming, pure, clean, and sophisticated! Yum! To offset our ivory walls, we painted the trim ultra-bright-white. I'm loving the new scheme.How can one be so fortunate...to have a handsome and multi-tasking husband!?

So, 3 weeks, 3 coats in 3 painted rooms, and 3 batches of cookies later, we are beginning to feel at home here! Things are starting to make sense, the eternal job hunt may very well wind-down next week, and I have a little routine in my life once again. As much as routines can be a bore and a drag, today I am thankful to have that blessed routine back again!

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Casey said...

I LOVE WHITE TOO!! You can never have enough white, there are so many shades!