renters rejoice!

So it seems that it's been forever since I've updated. Apologies for an insane week! I have some awesome news. We signed a lease on Saturday for a cute little flat with some amazing potential. Anyone who experienced our previous itty-bitty kitchen can rejoice with me...This one is 2, no, 3x bigger. Check out the adorable old built-in cabinetry. ALL MINE! Pretty wedding gifts and all, I'm not sure we'll be able to fill our cupboards. What a beautiful problem. This new place totally reminds us of our old apt. in Eau Claire. It has gorgeous hardwood floors, big bay windows, even the same bathroom floor tiles! The only downside: the previous tenants left a mess of plug-ug sponge painted walls. Their color choices: yellow, orange, and forest green!? So our goal is to hit Home Depot ASAP and get as many rooms repainted as possible before next Saturday...our official move-in date! We are so excited to have an address again. Our apartment is just 4 blocks away from the ocean in a super, super fancy neighborhood.

What I will do as soon as we move in:
1. Make a delectable, sweet vanilla chai latte with my dear little drink maker. (I am sick of coffee shops with the authentic, peppery, spicy chai nonsense.)
2. Stay in my 'jams alll day
3. Be more faithful to my blog
5. Hit the farmer's market
6. Check out the amazing hiking/jogging trails in my 'hood by the sea
7. Sleep in my very own bed again
8. Start couch hunting
9. Overcome my irrational fear of public transportation
10. Kiss my husband


Tracy said...

Congrats on your score of a place!!

iverson22 said...


Hope you have room for visitors at your new digs...Ashley and I have already started planning a trip for the summer of '08! We just got back from a trip to Brainerd with your family and mine...and it was a blast, remeber when we were 10 at Cragons?? Diffently not the same without you?:( Hope everything is going great for you two!!!