lost and found

Today brought us to Sausalito for a Jeff-job-interview. While he was working his magic at Poggio (a not-so-pretentious fine dining Italian place), I took a stroll, or rather a hike around the city. I am completely envious. If Jeff gets a job in Sausalito-the Golden Gate Bridge will be part of his daily commute! It's tough to describe Sausalito. Basically, it's an enchanting, boho-chic destination away from S.F. It also has the same steep hills as S.F. that totally dwarf the Midwestern mountains that I charged up in my cross-country running days. During my stroll I just kept climbing and climbing up a road that I thought would never end. The result: I was lost, but with an incredible view!

Next, I found my greatest material happiness: An adorable papery! It's tough to be a scrapbooker/paper crafter and resist the delights of such a cute shop. So, I caved to my weaknesses and bought some darling stationery. I needed to stock up because it's tough to make handmade cards when you're homeless without your scrapping studio!

Oh, and one more piece of news! Yesterday marked the beginning of our first apartment viewings. We've been looking forever on Craig's List, but finally decided that it's time to get serious. We already have a lead on an old-school charmer with a HUGE KITCHEN! I'm so excited. I'm so tempted to share pics and every last detail, but I think I'll keep it a secret until it's official...After all, the renting scene is totally cut-throat around here. But so far, so good!

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Kayter said...

I am so jealous of Sausalito.... did I ever tell you how that is my dream hometown?? Amazing... and a bit too pricey for anything I plan on doing in my life time, but I am still insanely jealous of Jeff's opportunity. Keep in touch :-)