cali getaway

Saturday was a much-needed respite from the job & place hunt! We took a little cruise down Hwy 1 and explored the Pacific coastline. It is amazing scenery! There's just something about that cool, salty sea air. Yum. Above is Pigeon Point lighthouse. I must admit, I have a total lighthouse fetish. They remind me of the good old days--taking family vacations around the Great Lakes.
Along our little coastal road trip adventure, we had a picnic in Monterey while staring off into the tidepools and amazing coastline. Next we spent the afternoon exploring Carmel-by-the-Sea. Cutest town in the world. Every single cottage there is directly out of a story book. We did a little window shopping there and I am officially re-inspired by Anthropologie. There is a huge store in the Carmel plaza. I love soaking in the interior design ideas there! Can't wait 'til we have a place of our own. To wrap it all up, we spent some hard core beach time in Carmel. Well, Jeff did. I took a nap, dreaming about being a surfer girl one day. Jeff dug a really, really deep hole in the sand. Boys.


Remember: said...
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Matt said...

Glad to hear things are going well with you two adults. Gretchen and I thoroughly enjoy reading about your experiences and smiling at your pictures. Continue to keep us posted!

By the way, I'm at Carlsbad Beach right now (not far from San Diego or LA) on vacation with the family. It makes me jealous to think you live here now.

Take care of yourselves and God's blessings on your job/house hunt!