the week in pictures

Monday 6/25: We're home now. Come visit us soon!

Sunday 6/24: Day of rest.

Saturday 6/23: MOVING DAY! I was not kidding when I told you that we filled every square inch of our storage unit! Check it out: when we opened the door, nothing even fell out! I now realize that there was a reason I spent half of my childhood playing Tetris. Love this work! What's even more amazing, is the fact that Jeff's uncle Mike and cousins Brenton & Jordan helped us move out of storage and into our new place in record timing. We met at Uhaul at 8am and were completely unloaded, eating Amici's pizza at noon. That is impressive.

While unloading the truck, Mike noticed this (above) in our garage. Apparently, when our building was built back in the '20s, they scrapped wood from an old ship crate to put dividing walls between each stall. Sweet history.

Friday 6/22: Our last day at Dorothy's! After 3 wonderful weeks of Dorothy's hospitality, we knew we owed her a gigantic thank-you! The challenge: lately, we're slightly broke. So instead of buying her an expensive bouquet of exotic flowers, we decided to spend the day cleaning, pruning, digging, planting, and loving the gardens around her condo! (These days, it's getting tough for Dorothy to get down and play in the dirt like she used to.) Since we're both novices in the gardening world, I'd say that we at least deserved an "E" for effort. Twelve garbage bags later, we called it a day and grilled some amazing kabobs.

Thursday 6/21: By the way, Did I mention that we're moving to San Francisco!? (In the whirlwind excitement of my update, I think I accidentally left that part out. Details.) That's right. Go big or go home. We knew we wanted to live somewhere in the Bay Area, and the sunny skies and more reasonable rent prices completely attracted us to the suburbia further south on the penninsula. But, San Fran calleth and we answered. There's just something about its charm. I could go on forever! So this is our new home. More painting today and we'll be set to move in on Saturday!

Wednesday 6/20: Painting, painting, painting. I've decided to include some before/after pictures to help the finished product look more impressive;). So here's a peak at our first little project. Goodbye sage green, damaged walls. Hello refreshing blue. Great job with the spackling, handyman husband!

Tuesday 6/19: Heather & studly new bf, Justin! The four of us headed to the city for a photo shoot, a hike through Lincoln park (part of our new 'hood), an awesome lunch at the Cliff House, and some well-spent quality fam time.

Monday 6/18: Not just another day of job searching and chillin' at Dorothy's: Jeff's sis, Heather rolled into town for a visit with her studly new bf, Justin. Here we are on Dorothy's couch--photo compliments of Justin!

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Becca said...

Home sweet Home! I can just picture you walking home from the market with a bouquet of flowers to put in your new shabby chic San Fran pad! Have fun and enjoy!