stone barn pizza farm

This is how we wrapped up summer:  A long afternoon's drive to Nelson, Wisconsin. (A place I passed through 1,000 on my way to and from college but never imagined the magical, al fresco dining experience tucked away on a nearby country road.) Hungry bellies followed signs to the Stone Barn Pizza Farm. As the sunlight shrank across endless fields of green grass, we sauntered into the open-air remains of a barn that now held the most heartwarming gathering space.  Gazing at my husband, I sipped a glass of one of my favorite wines, awaiting a giant wood-fired pizza while a little boy bulldozed the gravel beneath our table. I adored that we were out of the city, breathing country breeze, running free.  We chased a little boy around the property, pet friendly horses, hunted for treasures in a cottage filled with antiques, and saved ample room for a delicious ice cream dessert.  This mini getaway was so good for my heart. Exactly the sort of rejuvenation I needed last weekend.  This place has won my heart and we will most definitely be back. Annually.


Cassie said...

Looks like such a nice venture. pizza and ice cream in a place like that? Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Jessica! We wrote almost the exact same blog last week! So sorry we missed you though... would have been fun to all have been there at the same time :)


Anonymous said...

Yay!! You found it! (Sorry, I don't think I remembered to send you the details!) Do you remember the other thing I was going to send to you, too?