the story:

Once upon a time, Jeff and I spent a 2-year long honeymoon in San Francisco.  He bought a camera and started running around the city with it.  I started a blog.  We fell in deeply in love with taking pictures.  Then one day he started taking pictures of people.  I tagged along and got the hang of it.

In 2009, we moved home to the Midwest with an amazing baby boy.  We started a new business, along with a new life in Minneapolis.  Apparently, we hit the ground running, because one year later, Jeff quit his part-time job and became a self-employed and full-fledged photographer in order to keep up with it all.  

At the end of 2010, Jeff Loves Jessica Photography was born. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be a part of this creative journey.  We work together on photo shoots, spend late nights in our office editing + blogging, hold meetings at the family dinner table, and  spend most of our dates having coffee with clients.  It's not always a cakewalk, but it's an endlessly fulfilling privilege to celebrate people and capture the beauty in their lives.