i've finally learned to spell "zucchini". zucchini.

 lately i have been delighting in the early-fall bounty and perhaps over-indulging at the farmer's market every week. (is it even possible to over-indulge on produce? surely not.) it is zucchini season. big time. so over the weekend i baked my ultimate fave pineapple zucchini bread.  the recipe for which i posted so very long ago...and took some terrible photos to go along with it. don't judge. just saying. the bread itself however is fantastic. we ate it up in a jiffy.


Valley Girl said...

I love baking more than anything else in the world...no wait...I love EATING what i bake more than anything in the world! I made pumpkin bread this weekend...it is now gone. Why does pumpkin bread always taste better in the fall than if you make it in say...June?

Sharon said...

I'm having zucchini for lunch just now! :)

kira lee said...

sounds amazing
and not a terrible photo by the way