some light housekeeping

I never did understand why half of the presentations and lectures I've attended in my life have begun with the word housekeeping. Really, housekeeping and announcements have little to do with one another. Does that ever bug you too?

Ahem. Hello and happy Friday. I have a couple of announcements:

1| You might notice a little redecorating around here. I've added some fancy buttons over on your right. Allow me to expound:

Big News. Our little photog business is undergoing a huge name change. We'll soon be called Jeff Loves Jessica Photography. Because let's face it, J Kesterson is boring and hard to spell. Plus the new name is more reflective of our husband-wire partnership and also pairs well with the wedding world. What do you think? Oh, and our new website is coming this winter!

The other 3 are just quick links to some of my favorite Christmas crafts. Handy for you in the holiday hustle + bustle.

2| Congrats to this week's winner of Colette Paperie's 2011 Calendar:

Kate said...

i love the 2011 Perplexed Birdies Illustrated Calendar! so sweet

{Kate, would you kindly email me your mailing address at swell.life(at)gmail.com.}

Jennifer {from last week} please also email me asap to claim your ekate gift certificate!!

3| Hurry! Today is the last day to enjoy 20% off at Colette...Just mention Living the Swell Life in the Notes to Seller section.

4| Before I procrastinate one more day, I have a week's worth of gratefuls to share!

15. I am grateful for Smartwool socks. Actually any kind of socks. But real wool socks actually keep my feet warm when they are cold and let them breathe when they are not. {I want some more for Christmas.}

16. I am grateful for warm showers. Truthfully, I like them really scalding hot. I can't imagine a life without a hot water heater and a daily dip...

17. I am grateful for naptime. For a little bit of quiet me time to accomplish this and that while the boy child sleeps. I'm grateful that Jeff is sneaking in a nap today too. {He's been constantly at work and pretty sleep deprived lately.}

18. I am grateful for snail mail and the thought of all the Christmas cards, letters, + photos that will soon be slipping through my mail slot. I think internet, technology, and this rapid speed of life have only made genuine, tangible snail mail even sweeter. Don't you agree?

19. I am grateful for a clean house. Clean is a relative term. The swell life is rarely synonymous with a spic & span life, so today I am thankful for the small blips of tidiness I can enjoy here and there.


Leslie said...

seriously love the new name.
you guys are going places!! :)

and all those gratefulls.. I nod in agreement.

bethany said...

jeff loves jessica is the dreamiest business name ever. seriously. :)

love the change!

p.s. i have used your bird ornament template for a thousand things. literally. so thank you!

Olivia said...

I agree, the name change is cute and so catchy!

And thanks for the ornament diys!

Every year, we try to have add one or two photos to our tree of our family, but the photo frame ornaments have left us disappointed. What a cute idea with the blocks.

Nell said...

That is awesome. So cool x

kate said...

aw, i love the new name for your business!!
i always loved the term housekeeping, and would totally use it if i was a teacher. imadork like that.

(i'm emailing you right now with my address.)