the perfect storm

Early Saturday morning, we crawled out of our cozy beds, looked out the window, and found the world tucked under the perfect snowy blanket. We'd all been wondering when the first snow would fall--and boy did it show up this year. Eight-or-ten-or-something super magical inches. We squealed with delight at the chance to bundle up our little Snowgraham and let him explore the wintry wonderland.
Catching up on my thankfuls:

12. I am grateful for sweet friends, weekend guests, and craft weekends (more on this soon!)

13. I am grateful for warm, woolly mittens and the muscle men around here who shoveled tons of heavy, wet snow.

14. I am grateful for good worship music and to have a gracious Savior worthy of endless praise.

We had a completely perfect weekend. xo


Cottage Mommy said...

Was just reading the paper about snowstorms in your neck of the woods and thought of you...such pretty pictures! And the shots of the outside of your house are just dreamy!

bethany said...

SO jealous. In EC, we got a few flurries overnight, but ultimately it was only mushy slush. Happy to see this snowy eye candy, though! It looks like an amazing time!

I wish I were 90 miles west of here! :)

Lisa said...

Beautiful photos! I've always loved the first snowfall. And now that I live in a place where it doesn't snow, I miss it!!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Snow already, wow! Looks like fun!

Een sneller kloppend hart said...

Ohhh it's allready snowing over there!! What a wonderful pictures...so adorable your husband and son together...he's growing so fast this little guy...I can remember on your blog you being pregnant (excuse me for my English ;) )
Here in Holland it's getting colder but there hasn't been any snow yet, I hope soon!!

Huggs, Veronique

Emily Mae said...

it looks like the perfect winter wonderland! i just wish a few more inches could have blown our way!

summer said...

ah! this is so dreamy, jessica! and i LOVE your house. oh my goodness. it is too perfect all nestled in snow.

Melinda said...

So amazing! I absolutely love it! :) AAH! My little Roy has the EXACT same snow suit!! Well, he wore it last year...we will have to get a new one this year. So sweet! :) I bet you all had a blast!

kate said...

look at your beautiful, beautiful snow. what a wonderland.