this weekend:
i am making peace with the fact that it is, without a doubt, fall.
i am finding more and more of these brilliant red maple leaves in my front yard.
i am feeling extra cozy, now that the heat is officially turned on.
i am eating apples + caramel, lasagna, and cream cheese brownies.
i am doing a few photo shoots with jeff.
i am striving to be a little more organized.
i am barely containing my excitement over my big announcement:

i am bringing back Meet the Maker Mondays! pretty please stop back this week to read an awe-inspiring interview and enter a truly fabulous giveaway.

'til then, happy weekending, everyone!


Melinda said...

I always adore your posts. =) I am so happy that Fall is 'officially' here. I am ready for caramel apples, baking, jumping in piles of leaves with my munchkin, and drinking apple cider. Isn't fall wonderful? Anyway - just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your post. =)

Unknown said...

Mondays sound like fun!!!
I love the picture of your leaf, we are in a horrible heat wave out here..nice to see something that looks like fall!!!

Kayt said...

Let me know when you start making pumpkin bars :) Also, G is still cute as always although I will miss the curls!

daniella said...

I was thinking of you and my sister (who lives in Mankato) yesterday morning. Two reasons: I made something with pumpkin, which I know is much more suitable for MN this time of year than here where 90 degree weather just ended, and two, I was watching a John Piper sermon online, wishing that I could live in Minneapolis just so I could attend the church he pastors.
Happy Fall!!!!!!!!!