diy play kitchen inspiration

The most serendipitous thing just happened--our next door neighbors were getting rid of a little metal play kitchen and gave it to us! They bought it at a garage sale a few years ago, which makes us at least the 3rd owners and it's in desperate need of a makeover. I've been wanting something like this for Graham for awhile and had been eying some of the cute little diy kitchens out there, but feared we were not handy enough to transform a nightstand or even build one from scratch. However, a little paint and glue...no prob. Will definitely post before & after pics once the project is complete, but for now I've been rounding up all the play kitchen inspiration I can find:{source}



These are impossible to top, but I'm excited to get my hands dirty this weekend nevertheless. In the mean time, I'd love to know where everyone finds such great faucet fixtures?


Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i love that your new to you kitchen has been so loved. those inspiration photos are pretty yummy! i can't wait to see what you create for you guy.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you have one near you, but some Habitat for Humanity organizations have stores where people can donate old light fixtures, faucets, windows, etc and it works as a thrift store for anyone to browse and purchase items. That may be a good place to not only find some cute faucets, but other goodies for your new home! My husband and I are turning all of our shiny brass fixtures, doorknobs, hinges, etc into oil rubbed bronze with nothing more than spray paint and it's working beautifully! Also another idea. Good luck!

Ashley said...

My girls would go coco bananas for those kitchens!! They are nicer than my real one :) I saw a great idea for turning an entertainment center into one. They used actual faucets. Do you have any sort of reuse/recycle place around you? We have a fantastic one here and you can get stuff like that for like $5. Happy Refurbishing!

Bridget said...

i love the third one down.

Anonymous said...

We did a fun play kitchen makeover here earlier this year:

I got a coat hanger and screwed it on upside down. It's not perfect, but the kids don't know the difference:) I know a lot of people find good things for faucets, etc. at Ikea if you have one near you! Hunt around on Ohdeedoh - so many great ideas!

Anonymous said...

AHHH! I am head over heals for these ADORABLE kitchens! (I wish mine were as cute! ;-)

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

omg, how fun!!! that's awesome! can't wait to see what you do! :)

mama b said...

my husband built my daughter's from scratch - it STILL needs a cute little cafe curtain underneath the sink, but here is the idea:


you can read about the specific elements we came up with, like the faucet and sink.

have fun building a treasure!! :)