frittata: the one pan wonder

Like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride, I must admit to having a bit of a favorite egg identity crisis.
Although this I know for sure: I like my eggs on the fancy side, cooked with veggies, cheese, and spices in any form of a dish that passes as dinner.

I am not always patient enough to slave over a quiche's crust, then wait an hour for it to bake.
Nor do I have the fine motor skills necessary to flip out fine French omelets...especially when guests are involved.

I'd like to think I'm more exciting than your run-of-the mill scrambled egg kinda girl. Even with some fun sauted veggies, they are still, after all, just scrambled eggs.
Enter the frittata. The Italian stallion of omelet. My latest fav and a quick dinner that makes the egg just a little more incredibly edible.

With the help of a bit of butter, simply saute whatever veggies you find in your fridge. (I used zucchini, mushrooms, and green onions.) Am pretty sure tomatoes, brocoli, or spinach would also taste divine.

While the veggies are sizzling, whisk together half a dozen eggs, and a few dashes of seasonings. (I used a pinch of thyme, freshly ground pepper, and oregano.)

Dump the eggs over the veggies and top with cheese of your choice (for me--mozzarella and grated parmesan).

Then the best part: you literally stick the whole saute pan in the oven (350 degrees) for about 30 minutes or until the frittata is set. Voila! A one pan wonder. Ideal for a quick but thoughtful dinner with an impressive, speedy clean-up time.
What do your eggs say about you?


Olivia said...

Yeah, I'm probably going to be making this for dinner... mostly because the only edible things in our fridge are eggs, cheese, and some veggies.

PS. Just found your blog, I'm excited to read more.

Vanessa said...

This looks delicious! Will have to try this! Thanks! :)

Miss G said...

I do love a frittata! My husband made a yummy Mexican dish recently that was more of a casserole but somewhat resembled a frittata with eggs, cheese, corn, green chiles, etc. and we ate it over rice with some friends. It was yummy and made great leftovers to take to work. Kelly

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

We love frittata! We like ours with asiago cheese mixed in, and artichoke hearts (from a can), and otherwise normal sauteed veggies like zucchini and mushrooms. So, so good!

{Delight.Love} said...

Nummy! I love your posts!

summer said...

yay! this is so terrifically timed- i have about 40 eggs in my fridge to use up. (no, really!) thank you so much! it looks absolutely delish, and i love the oven trick!

Cassie said...

Oh I love a good frittata - always my go to if I have no idea what to cook and veggies left in the fridge.

Eggs really are so versatile aren't they; so pleased we have chickens to help supply them

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

This looks delicious. Truth be told: I've never made a fritatta, I'm usually a scramble kind-of-girl, but I'll have to try this!

Unknown said...

I will definately be making this for dinner this week! Thanks for the idea!