a few good things

on a cloudy + chilly Saturday in October:: the perfect, round, yet ugly duckling pumpkin

: one snuggly little sleepy head and a pair of fuzzy footy pajamas

: eavesdropping on jeff + graham's conversations over the baby monitor when g first wakes up and jeff goes to pick him up. those two--so adorable.

: fresh baked brownies {the kind with frosting}

: a new pair of wool socks
: our tree house view. the thing we love most about our new little place is the pretty pond and tall trees right outside of our windows.

: watching the leaves begin to change and imagining the snowflakes that will soon fall!

: cozying up to watch Away we Go from netflix. cutest movie i've seen in awhile.

: a fridge full of groceries

: and playing with the contents of the prettiest package from kt @ a little bird told me.so. it just arrived at my doorstep from half way around the world! {kt is a sweet blog friend from australia who is recently engaged and in the midst of planning her dream wedding!! i was lucky enough to win her clever giveaway--something old, something new, something crafty, and something blue...Woo-Hoo!!}


DeeDee said...

Sounds like a lovely Saturday! :)

bethany said...

Ooo, that is a very cute little duckling of a pumpkin! Your treehouse view looks incredible. Promise we'll get a peek inside your new digs? :)

And, yes. Clearly we MUST mastermind this teleportation device...it's such a tragedy to lose close pals to the west coast! :)

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I always go for the ugly duckling pumpkins as well, I feel like by choosing/saving them, I give them the Halloween spotlight they would've have got otherwise.

Miss G said...

lovely!!! Kelly

kt said...

YAY :)
so glad to hear the package made it's way safely to you, I do hope u like it.

I adored that tea towel which almost didn't make it's way to you ;) it was the last one in the shop too :(

ps. I love the new blog header!