zucchini bread

Ahh summer. The time for more garden fresh veggies than you know what to do with. Last weekend a garden fresh zucchini larger than my arm fell into my hands. Too huge to handle! Perplexed, I began digging through old cookbooks and recipe boxes. That's when I was reminded of this tasty, moist recipe for Pineapple Zucchini Bread from my mom's friend Anne. The thing I love most about recipes, or at least good home cooking recipes, is that they never go out of style. They usually taste even more delicious than the first time around and evoke more and more memories of warm summer days and freshly baked zucchini bread. It's been way too long since I've shared a recipe around here...So enjoy!
First, grate that gourd into 4 cups of shredded green.
Mix together all ingredients in your trusty Kitchen Aid.Bake, savor aroma, cool, slice, butter, enjoy!


Jenny said...

Yum, the bread looks delish. And yes a scrapbooking/crafting date sounds great, it has been way too long. Now if only Becca and Amy would come back to MN for a visit then it would be a real reunion :)

daniella said...

Looks delicious!!!!! I'll have to give it a try. This might just be the way I can get a vegetable in Charlie's systme.

joy refurbished said...

This looks fabulous! I am trying it out this weekend for sure!

Shannon said...

I've never attemped bread but this, I will do. That picture is making me drool!