more thoughts on creating & clicking.

On Friday, I spilled a whole bunch of my thoughts on iphones, pinterest, instagram and the like.  I adored your comments--it is so good to hear that I am not the only one who has these feelings of inadequacy, and suffers from the paralysis of analysis.  I wanted to mention that I hope the post did not come off as sounding too poor me or like I was somehow fishing for your praise and admiration.  The fact that anyone even takes the time to read this little blog is amazing and fulfilling in its own right. And I know I am capable of doing creative things. There. I said it.

When you stop to think about it, it is utterly terrifying to put ourselves out there, subject to the cruelest judgment with every word and image.  It's no wonder that we all get so caught up in comparison and competition. Plus insensitive stuff happens.  I know that for a fact. It's amazing that we don't all cast our computers into the sea and live under rocks.

And yet, 99.9% of the feedback I've ever encountered has been nothing but the kindest of kindness. Sometimes I need reminders to just be myself (however cool or uncool I may be), to seek beauty, and to love others. To gather inspiration where I feel most inspired, and to have the self-awareness to know when my sources of inspiration are tearing me down instead of building me up. I think that is the key to every creative pursuit. (As I write this, I am chuckling at the thought of this turning into a Pinterest addict's serenity prayer.) So thanks, just for saying such sweet things. You are the reason I love to blog.

P.S. Dear Jessica: Instagramming 4 times on Sunday/family day is far from unplugging. It's cool that you're not too legalistic, but seriously. Better luck next time.



Chelle said...

Loved so very much your thoughts and the comments on this hot topic. Right now I am reading the book 7, by Jen Hatmaker and it's kicking my butt in this whole regard...
All this longing/craving for beauty and creativity...I just pray that my heart will be fueled from a desire to first love Jesus and our little families + others better and that all that I do and dream of, will come from that place.
Love that you unplug for the Sabbath! And love your beautiful heart, my friend. xo

swell.life said...

@Chelle Oh hooray!!! I definitely read 7 earlier this summer and LOVED it, though I found it so challenging. Seriously. It really stirred something in me and made me want to adopt 100 orphans. We are so spoiled. Thanks so much for writing this!!

. said...

I hope thy last PS was you writing to you and not some mean person's comment.

I must follow you on instagram now.. Oh no. :P

casey said...

So good to see you blogging again! And I am totally with you on your creative feelings. We can be so hard on ourselves!