G at 3.

 Truth: I have all but abandoned scrapbooking and photo albums.  Kinda like how the carpenter's house never gets fixed.  The photographer's kid never gets photo albums. :)  Maybe someday I'll make a deadline for myself and get my act together.  But this summer, while we're working so hard on everyone else's images, I really want to take a little time to remember G, just as he is, at the sweet age of 3, because seriously, he is such a gift:
: He has been known to eat condiments and only condiments for meals.  On multiple occasions. (Of course, healthy items of sustenance were also offered on his plate.)
: There is nothing on earth I love more than hearing him giggle.
: Considering he can only recognize the letter G, he is an amazingly proficient iPad user.
: He can count to FIVE-teen. (:
: He loves other kids so much and always wants to hold hands with his friends. I cannot find the willpower to discourage this. It is the sweetest thing.
: He is in a hard-core pirate phase, and speaks pirate fluently.  Considering a pirate Halloween costume.
: Fav toys: Legos, Thomas trains, puzzles, and anything with wheels.
: Every single morning, he requests sugar toast (cinnamon-sugar toast) for breakfast.  He insists that he (f)rinkle it himself.

I adore that he has entered the pre-school stage. He is bursting with curiosity and cute conversation. I just dearly miss that there is absolutely nothing babyish left in his life. Except that he will always be my baby...


Jen said...

Three is my favorite age. Real conversations sprinkled with uninhibited imagination. Fresh eyes taking in the amazing world we so often take for granted. Food used merely as vehicles for ketchup and more ketchup. So fun.

Miss G said...

Oh how glad I am that mine is not the only boy who can make a meal of condiments. :) Does yours perhaps resort to licking them off the plate? :) Kelly

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
you have such a wonderful blog. I love the way you write and your fantastic pictures.
I'd like to pass on a blog award to you. If you pop over to my blog you can pick it up www.mummyandthemonsters.blogspot.co.uk

Kerri x

On Second Street said...

three is so much fun and he is such a cutie. aidan, too, has been known to make whole meals of ketchup. he still does actually and he is 8, so buy the big bottles. :)

p.s. i finally blogged again...........