the daffies make me happy.

This week:
:We're over half way through April and there is still talk of snow in the forecast. I guess that's the trade off when you live in the Midwest, sheltered from more horrible things like hurricanes and tsunamis. But still. I'd much rather be on the beach at this very second.
:The bright yellow daffies are offering so much cheer.
:We are dying eggs and stuffing baskets! Easter is almost here, yay!
:I intercepted 3 garbage bags (and more!) of goodies from my dear friend Naphtali's house, garbage bags that were nearly cast away to Goodwill. {She is amazing at decorating her house...and redecorating and redecorating. So I sprang at the opportunity to go shopping in her house, snatching up hundreds of things from her past interiors. Everyone needs a friend like her. Seriously.} Now I just need to find a way to pay it all forward. So inspired by all these new old things that I am cleaning out closets and organizing the shelves in my craft room. Love having new treasures!!
:Eating lava cakes.
:Feeling a bit broke after cutting Uncle Sam a big fat check last week, plus some other hefty unexpected expenses in the past year. {I truly hope you can't relate to this one.} But somehow in spite of it all, I'm feeling blessed with contentment. We have so much and I love being able to enjoy it.
:Making a very happy girl out of last week's giveaway winner:


Anonymous said...

Love the yellow daffodils! So pretty!

Regina said...

Yes... I want a friend like that too! haha!

And I love daffodils too! They grow like crazy in my hometown in OK, but out here in west Texas... not so much. :( BUT, I'm planning on planting some soon... just whenever I can find time... haha.


Melinda said...

Love your post today! :) I needed some cheering up. ;) I know what you mean - I am tired of the dreary rain and cold weather. Uggh. We Disney this summer - I can't wait! :) I need some warm weather...and the beach. lol.

Jenny said...

Yay! I feel like a very lucky girl! Also the flowers remind me of a time that you brought me yellow daffodils while I was at ILC; such a happy flower!

Amanda said...

Totally hear you on the unexpected large expenses... always a bummer. You're not alone!

Cat said...

I am from Wisconsin so I am no stranger to the crazy weather patterns that have been happening! (hello Spring, we are waiting for you!).

Dying Easter eggs is the best...I love using the wax crayon...it is like secret magic ink :)

So happy I found your sweet blog today!

xx Cat brideblu

Holly said...

I've felt the burn of Uncle Sam too many times. My free tax adviser mom told me to up my withdrawl number to 2 and if your self employed or running your own buisness, it pays to set aside the taxes each month. I'm enjoying a bunch of gorgeous purple irises.