We are enjoying the last whiff of life from my little Valentine's Day bouquet. (I love it when flowers last for longer than a week!) I so wish someone would invent electronic smells so that you my friend could sniff these through your computer screen. The giant white lillies are filling our house with the most happy perfume.

My little bug is running a fever. He's been saying "cuddle couch" all day. Hoping he feels better soon, but in the meantime I'm relishing the fact that he's curled up in my lap.

And I am super excited to make this Chicken Wild Rice Soup tonight.


{ashley} said...

Beautiful picture!!! I am so inspired by your photography.

hello said...

oh poor Graham.
Hope the lil guy feels better soon!!!
Nice job with the flowers Jeff!!!

emily-kallista said...

Gorgeous photo! Makes me wish it was spring too, although we're still getting some warm days :) Flowers in the house always make me happy, such a gift, even to oneself and even if for not reason at all!

Kimbirdy said...

oh i love flowers that have a long out-of-the-ground lifespan. and if they keep their beautiful fragrant smell too? all the better! i hope you have a lovely weekend!