Just a few pics (mostly of G!) from our really happy week in Spokane visiting Oma + Grandad:
Snowman footie pjs on Christmas morning
Wooden trucks
Snazzy sweater vests + black high tops
A handmade garden tote sewn by Auntie Heather + mini watering can, trowel, and seeds for springtime
A huge family lego party
Decorating gingerbread cookies with Oma


Erin said...

Oh how I love taking loads of photos at Christmas!

Just started following you on Tumblr. I luuurve Tumblr. Have collected a thousand or more photos of so many pretty things! Mine is called j'adore. Find it at www.pughs-news.tumblr.com

shannon said...

Oma? Is there some Dutch in your family?? Wat grappig!

Lovely holiday photos! Your boy looks like a champ.

Cassie said...

Your little one is growing up to look more and more like his Daddy from the looks of these pics.

Gorgeous family Christmas fun.

Melinda said...

Aww, he is growing up so fast! I can't believe it! My own little E.J. is already over 3 months! It is bitter sweet. Glad you had a great Christmas sweetie! :)

mimi charmante said...

So funny - I found you through Serena (farm chicks) and it seems that you live in Mpls and have family in Spokane. I am *from* Burnsville and live in Seattle!
So happy to have found you! Love the maple scone recipe as well as your Christmas cards!