polka-dots and plumbers

This week has been a bit upside down, so sorry for the lack of pictures and posts! We've been entertaining a few unwanted house guests here--including 2 plumbers and 1 mouse. A creepy-crawling mouse! I've learned that my fear of mice is immensely irrational. I've been wearing my shoes and insisting Jeff escort me to the bathroom at night.

Oh, and our basement flooded late Tuesday night. One shop vac and 32 gallons of water later, I am thanking heaven for my navy blue and pink polka-dotted wellies...I can proudly say that I survived the 6" puddle of sewage in style. Too bad we were so preoccupied in our filth to pause for a photo op. We were happy to invite the plumbers over to fix our plugged pipe catastrophe and to restore our life to some semblance of normalcy. Functional plumbing, it's a beautiful thing. Never, ever take it for granted.


Raining Pearls said...

welcome to the joys of home ownership... i promise these incidents will pass.

enjoy your weekend

Christine E-E said...

even though the "unexpected" woes of homeownership will drive you crazy, there is that undying "love" of coming home to the cozy nest that reflects your talents, interests, decorating style, color palettes, & your ideas of creating & providing a place for your son to grow up! and for you to fall in love all over.

JPE (my husband of 6 years) moved into my condo when we married... initially we thought we would sell both our condos & buy a three bedroom house to share. Several houses were selected BUT lo! & behold! we weren't the highest bidder... so we started our marriage blending Renaissance (dark colors, statues, leather couches) with my Beachy-Cottage styles... & downsizing to a two bedroom condo... It's been a blast creating a new haven for US! & yes! things are still falling apart - but it gives us a chance to "change" our living space - reflecting our current state of "decorating whimsy"...

Enjoy your home as much as I am enjoying your blog.