count down 'til farm chicks!

In just 3 days I am flying to Washington to help my friend Becca with her booth at Farm Chicks! For those who may not be familiar, The Farm Chicks Antique Show is a weekend-long event that features hip vintage finds and handmade goods by some seriously amazing vendors. The show is a huge deal and has direct ties with the editors of Country Living & Where Women Create magazines. I'm so excited for the opportunity to see Becca's new business {Wanderlux} off on its maiden voyage at the show. We will be at booth #127 in Bay 1, so please, pretty please, come say hi. I am so giddy. I feel like I am getting ready for summer camp. Off on a trip to meet some new friends, soak up some inspiration, and learn a ton. So much for Memorial Day fun in the sun...This weekend I have been a busy bee, holed up at home, finishing up a whole bunch of projects for the show. I just had to break away to share a sneak peak at a few of the things I've been so feverishly working on. Above is my latest batch of fabric banners, incorporating dozens of vintage sheets/linens. The colors make me so happy. It's official: Doilies are not dead. They are just look way cooler dyed.

Below I put a few of my fabric flowers to use decorating vintage embroidery hoops. I love that one of them says "Myrtle" on the inside:
Above: Recycled jelly jars, stuffed with colorful ribbons and mostly vintage sewing notions; destined for your craft table.

Below: Pretty painted egg cartons. Soon these will be stuffed with our collections of baby goodies (socks, antique spoons, wooden blocks, etc.) and will be making their way to a baby shower near you.
P.S. Thank you all so so much for saying such kind words about our house. I'm still waiting for it to sink in--it still feels too good to be true. We are crazy blessed and just overwhelmingly thankful that God has--in one gal's words--dropped this home in our laps. Once the dust settles later this summer, you're all invited over for tea and crumpets served over a vintage table cloth. xo


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I wish I were in Washington! How cute are all of those crafts!

Jenna Lou said...

oh my gosh. Have fun in Washington.... it sounds like an amazing event!!! Take some photos for all us girls who aren't so luck to see it ourselves.

Chelle said...

Seriously! I think both Becca's and Courtney
s booths, and all your bright vintage/crafty goodness dearie, go on my list of " things that are even loviler than what you can find at Anthropogie..."and there isn't a whole lot on that list. I can't even tell you how giddy I am for next weekend. And would you be able to pop by sometime Sat. eve for a little bloggy party? Seriously looking forward to hugging your neck again soon.

carissa said...

such unbelievable cuteness!!!

shannon said...

These things are so beautiful! LOVE the fabric banners.

Bridget said...

this is a feast for the eyes!

Anonymous said...

I am loving the bright colors of everything, and can't wait to see those egg cartons filled! What a great idea.

Alecia said...

well, if you haven't seen trisha brink's blog yet today, take a look. looks like your guys' booth was a fav!


congrats! i have to go next year.