spring bling

Welcome Spring! You've been on my mind so much lately...It's about time you finally came around. I even went to the store today intending to pick up some flowers to celebrate your arrival...but was gently reminded just how much bouquets can cost this time of year in Minnesota. Drag.

So instead I planned to treat myself to a lil' somethin from the new Liberty of London line at Target. All of those vintage floral prints had me at hello. Judging from all the buzz in blogland, I'm apparently not the only girl who is head-over-heels obsessed with the new blooms either. Please don't laugh, but I seriously wandered around the store hunting for every end cap and flowery display, trying to decide what one thing I needed most. Ok, laugh. That was ridiculous. I just could not get enough!!Though I would happily have bought it all, I settled on this, my own loose interpretation of aforementioned flowers, something I can really justify putting money into. (Ouch, that was lame!) All of its floral splendor spurred a thorough spring cleaning in my purse. While tossing receipts and wiping out Cheerio dust were long overdue, they were not nearly as overdue as swapping the wallet itself. You see, I'd had the same boring brown leather one since high school (embarrassing) and it was high high time to appoint its replacement.

Three cheers for the new pretty pansies in my purse.


Cassie said...

That is really pretty! I love all these new Liberty items and that one is fab!

I am just as bad with a very old purse - mine is just a red leather one instead.


Leslie said...

oh gosh I haven't allowed myself a run to target since the job incident...

but now Im ever ever so curious.... so so curious.. cause this wallet is so darling

Lisa of In Pencil said...

Ha- I did THE EXACT SAME THING at Target on the first morning that the Liberty merchandise was out...I literally circled the entire store, stopping at every end cap with Libery merchandise...Great choice on the wallet.

jozen said...

hi! i found your blog through a comment you left at cakies.

i went "liberty on london crazy!" i live in canada where there is no target, so i literally ran for the border! LOL

i bought the exact SAME wallet as you! love it! and a scarf, and some notecards etc etc. i blogged about it too! hee hee

stop by when you get a chance and check out what i scored.


Peggy said...

Love it! I have the same one and adore it for fashion and function! I found your blog through Rinse.Repeat!

Alecia said...

Totally know what you mean. I ended up getting, oh about one of everything, and then getting home and realizing that our little 2-bedroom apartment really didn't need the same print in every single room. So, much of it went back. But, my favorite splurge was the lampshades which now greet me each morning as my dh and I awake. Swoon. :)