20-10: the year of the growth

Happy New Year one and all!

Hoping your Christmas was warm and wonderful. Amid last week's holiday blizzard we made it to my parents' in one piece and enjoyed 3 whole days snowed in with my entire fam. Graham had a splendid first Christmas, made complete with a sled ride and a sugar cookie. More on that later...

To kick the New Year off right I am rolling out my resolutions and am deeming this a year for growth. Unlike last year, I will not be birthing babies or moving across the country or starting new jobs (or at least such major life upheavals are not on the radar). 2009 was chock full of new beginnings, big time choices and major changes for us and honestly, despite its wonderment, it's left me feeling a bit wiped. My hope is that 20-10 will be a quiet year for dropping roots, for growing, and branching out:

: Grow some serious photography skills. The recent demise of my trusty Canon G9 has forced me to grab the SLR for every quick candid photo. I still find myself pathetically fumbling through the manual settings, but my goal is to be able to effortlessly flick the right f-stop and ISO and snap handsome pictures like nobody's business.

: Grow a garden--wait we still don't have a yard. Will have to settle for houseplant revival.

: In that vein, grow our savings account. With every rent check I write, am feeling more ready than ever to buy a house to call home.

: Grow my crafting skills. Am determined to get my little etsy enterprise back in business before Valentine's Day. Maybe I'll even get around to scrapbooking G's life.

: Grow closer to Jesus. With our move, came the heartache of finding a new church. That is an understatement. Hopping around hasn't been easy, but we are trusting that God will lead us to a place where we can serve Him best. Although the search itself has been faith building in many ways, we are eager to find a church, get involved, and make connections with other Christians.

: (Keep) growing a bright and healthy Graham. Am resolving to stay one step ahead of his mischief from this day forward. Now that he crawls and stands, that kid can seriously get around. My mission involves thorough childproofing and a daily vacuuming regimen. I've retrieved way too many foreign objects from his mouth in the past weeks. The list includes but is not limited to Christmas ornaments, pine needles, button, Hershey kiss foil wrapper, and shriveled piece of unidentifiable food scrap from under the dishwasher. Did I tell you he actually swallowed a piece of ribbon? We found it again the next day. It was green.


Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

2009 was a busy year for you! Hope you get a chance to settle down, relax and tackle the things on your list. And of course, I always look forward to pictures of your little one!

bethany said...

Oh, Jess, I so pray for you and your family that 2010 is the year of growing roots. :) That sounds so lovely.

And can I just express a little empathy about finding a new church home? It isn't easy...and I didn't have a family to worry about during my search, either, so I imagine the process is exponentially more exhaustive for you! The emotional exhaustion of saying goodbye to an old church, and then "trying on" new church after new church can so wear on your heart. But, when you find a place, it all seems worth it. So many prayers that you find a new church to call home in 2010. :)

(Sorry, that got long. I just feel your heart a little on that one.) :)

Happy New Year!

Susan said...

Maybe buying that house and finding a church go together. I don't know, I'm just thinking...It would be more difficult to find THE church, then find THE house and have to look again...or vice versa! And maybe a garden IS part of that plan! Hey, you never know what 2010 may hold! One thing is certain. That adorable little boy of yours will surely bring more joy and delight with each passing day! Happy New Year!

MovieGirl said...

Admirable objectives for the coming year! I too despise writing the rent cheque every month. Don't you just "love" this nice white weather?

- Your neighbour to the northwest!

daniella said...

OH, finding a Church. I feel ya, sister. We're in the same boat. So, so hard. What is even more disheartening is that in 18 months when we move again we'll have to find yet another church.

Growing is always good. Not easy, but good. Godspeed!!!!

summer said...

jessica! oh thank you so much for stopping by my spot and leaving me a note. i have to tell you a little secret.. i've been a long-time fan of yours. but my comments have been so quiet, you wouldn't even know it. terrible!

hoping to change that in 2010,

ps. oreo truffles were all the rage at our house this christmas!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

That last sentence had me giggling off my chair...my son, Noah swollowed a PENNY once :( Not good...but it too, showed up the next day with only a hint of it's copper tone lol

Praying for your sweet little family to find the church that God has in store for you...I know how much of a fath-builder church hunting can be, but I am sure God has a place for you three with friends and fellowship in store!!

Hoping this new year is all that you dream it to be friend!!

Nikki said...


Ingested foreign objects aside, a beautiful list of areas for growth this year.