The first batch

of cookies in our new place just came out of the oven this afternoon. We moved into our new place last weekend but of course not without a hitch...Our couch did not fit through the front door. (Yeah, our big beautiful new splurge of a couch, as in, our only nice piece of furniture, you know, the one we bought just last year!!) So after that minor set back, we have been busy unpacking, waiting for internet, and just plain getting settled ever since. It feels so good to have our own little things again--the blankets and gadgets and pictures that make your house your home.
So after the big dry spell around here, I'd like to say welcome back with some warm chocolate + white chip cookies and a sip of milk. I'm so happy about our new space, a new routine, and some bright new beginnings. Hoping that includes a little spare time for more frequent blogging. :)And today's first batch was completely inspired by my fabulous new apron from the ever-eloquent Bethany. Thanks so much--this new kitchen of mine has never looked so good!


Dee Dee said...

Aww cookies are such a nice welcome to a new home. :)

bethany said...

Oh, what a bummer about that fantastic couch! I remember drooling over it when you bought it a few months ago. I hope it found a good home :)

And, hooray! It looks like the very first cookie batch went well. Here's to many, many more!

Cottage Mommy said...

Oh no! Please tell me you didn't have to get rid of your nice couch! We had that happen once only it was a bed and we couldn't get it up our attic stairs to our guest room. We had to rip down the beautifully and freshly painted door, trim, pretty much all of it! The bed is never coming out...we will sell the place with it! Love the apron too!

Erin said...

Am still so jealous that you won the apron! I wanted it so badly!
Glad you've put it to good use though... (promise I won't be a sore loser anymore!)
Those cookies look deeelicious!

Secondstreetdesigns said...

oh no- what happened to your couch then? It is so cute- I hope you found a way to get in in somehow.

Miss G said...

What happened to that fabulous couch? LOVE the apron and the sweet baby legs in the photo. :) Did you know that I'm expecting? :) Kelly