the reasons why::

Why I blog, that is.

Today marks the blog party celebration of Tara Frey's hip new book Blogging for Bliss, written to recognize and inspire crafty bloggers everywhere. Even though I haven't picked up my copy yet, I'm still joining in and attempting to define where I've come from, where I'm going, but mostly why I'm here. I'll attempt to prevent this from becoming too long winded--there's a whimpering, wiggly 2-foot tall man who is in need of more attention.

Blogging enriches my life. Forgive me if you've heard the story--but I began writing about 2 years ago, just days before graduating from college. You see, my sweet husband and I were planning a big adventure in the wild west, and we were hoping to keep in touch with my wonderful friends+family, and document our crazy journey. We chased a crazy dream and lived in California, just for a few years, just for fun.

But wait, there's more! This place quickly took on a life of its own; it became a stash for all things that caught my crafty eye and inspired my design-desperate (wannabe) heart. This probably sounds way too idyllic, but this place has become my little treasure chest for all things beautiful in my world. Pretty pictures, simple crafts, party+decorating inspiration, and perhaps even a recipe or two. These are the things that make me tick.

That's when I realized the biggest blogging bonus: the gift of connecting with other creative, Christ-loving, design-savvy, and/or domestic people. To meet friends in the unlikeliest places is Such a blessing. Perfect strangers have said the kindest things on more than one occasion, and completely turned my day around. They've helped me think of things in an entirely new light. Goosebumps. And on the flip side, I've found some of the most inspiring people out there through reading fabulous blogs. Seriously, it's overwhelming. I am a HUGE fan of idea sharing.

Lately, I'm blogging to archive my wonderful experience of mamahood and more importantly to forever immortalize Graham's fleeting babyhood. I've barely scrapbooked my little G, and so far his baby book leaves something to be desired. But somehow, this blog has motivated me to keep up with his month-to-month milestones. And I adore, no, more accurately am addicted to showing off his ever-chubby cheeks and sideways smiles to you. He is such a joy to us. The best thing ever.

Once in awhile, I even blog to make sense of things. I write to candidly share my heart and blurt out my every weakness (you know, the not-so-swell moments). It's odd, but sometimes feeling completely transparent and humbled in front of all eyes helps put things in the greatest perspective. Slowing down, writing it down, then pausing to reflect reminds me that I am perfected through God's grace. That alone is amazing beyond comprehension.

And well I've listed more than enough personal reasons, I must add that my ultimate hope for this little place is for it to be uplifting and refreshing for your eyes also. May you feel welcome here, find a few ideas or a little inspiration, and share in the crazy journey that is ours.

Enough blah-blah-blabbing about blogging. Now tell me. Why do you blog?
XO Jessica

P.S. One more thing: Speaking of blogging, is anyone else as excited as I am to see Julie & Julia!? Meryl Streep looks too perfect for the role, and Amy Adams, too cute!


Claudia said...

Thanks for sharing your blog bliss - it is tremendously rewarding, isn't it?

Leslie said...

.... love that you blog Jess, so very much.. This is list I think starts to encompass a lot of us...

and yeppers totally want to see it, looks so so darling

Becca said...

Love this Jess. I love your blog- you always write so well and I'm always amazed at the beautiful inspirational stuff you come up with.

Julie and Julia- funny that you mention it. Every time I talk to my sisters they ask if I'm excited about it- they tell me it's my two loves- cooking and blogging! I love Amy Adams!

Junque Couture said...

Can't WAIT to see the movie! If you haven't read "The Sharper the Knife, the Less You Cry" pick it up, it's a good read!

God Bless!

Cottage Mommy said...

You really are a lovely writer...such a gift for putting your thoughts into words. I do enjoy your blog, all of your crafty yummyness and darling little boy pictures! Thanks for sharing a piece of you with us!

bethany said...

Jess, I've loved watching your journey from my couch. From newlywed to college grad to mother, you're alway so elegant, real and inspired.

Thanks for inviting us all to join you on your life travels! :)

And...yes. I would practically camp out to get to see Julie and Julia the exact SECOND it hits the theaters. I think it's going to be complete bliss.

ArtsyMama said...

Great post!~ Thanks for all your kind words. Thanks for playing along. Cheers to blogging!

Rosy Lady said...

What a lovely, thoughtful blog post! I'm so glad that I have found your lovely blog through this blogging party and, those baby piccies are too cute!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Great post, Jess! It's been a treat to visit your blog. I'll be back!
xo Lidy

debbie said...

I am heading out in 15 minutes to have dinner and see Julie and Julia. I cannot wait. Meryl Streep looks perfect as Julia.

Whitney said...

J&J is a wonderful movie, saw it last night and the audience clapped at the end of it! Streep's Julia made me teary at times, her Julia is so full of love and intelligence and life and her marriage made me appreciate mine more for the similarities.