this is...

...how my week is stacking up. The entire back wall of our garage is barricaded by boxes, but we're definitely weathering the cardboard storm. I'm feeling a bit reminiscent of how this all began. There's still sooo much more packing to do and this time it feels like we've doubled our collection now that Graham's in the picture. It makes me wonder why and if we truly need so much stuff. Seriously, I am feeling so materialistic right now.

This week I am spending every waking/baby sleeping moment on Craigslist. And who is Craig anyway? Sheer genius. We're lightening our load and trying to sell off some of our bulkier things and retiring some of our furniture. Things like my DIY upholstered headboard. If you're in the Bay Area and interested in scoring some sweet deals, check out some of our listings:
coffee table
upholstered headboard
vintage painted headboard
loveseat slipcover
ikea bookshelves
queen mattress, spring, and frame
DVD rack

But necessity or nicety, the rest is coming with us. And after moving in and out and even across the country once or twice before, I've devised an organizational system for all of the boxes...And I hope it works. Rather than wasting time ambiguously labeling everything, I am color coding this time. Each room gets a different colored index card (see above). Each box gets a color card taped to it, with its contents listed. We'll just have to clue in the boys who help us unload the truck. :)

And now back to packing.


bethany said...

Goodness gracious, Jess...you're a busy mama!

Enjoy the drive back to the midwest, when it comes! Might I strongly encourage Jeff to take the way that doesn't lead through Nevada? When I helped Gabe move from CA to WI, we drove clear across the entire state of Nevada...it was the longest day of my adult life. After driving through gorgeous CA, a day of driving through Nevada nearly killed me. Yikes :)

Don't loose that precious babe among all those boxes :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move! Isn't it amazing how one little baby needs so much stuff!?

swell.life said...

thanks girls...thankfully, graham and i are flying. direct. no nevada for us!! jeff and his little bro, though, will be kickin' it in winnemucca one night. or however you spell it.

Leslie said...

totally jealous of this pick, Im dying to pack!! :)

hope it all goes smoothly and wow that son of yours gets cuter every day...

daniella said...

Hi Jessica!

Of course I don't mind you dropping by! I'm glad you did, and I thank you for taking the time. I adore your blog and drop by once in a while myself.

have a good weekend,