Last week, my amazing girlfriends Becca & Amy paid me a visit. We couldn't even remember the last time the 3 of us got together for some serious chilling + crafting time. Needless to say, this visit was long overdue! It was Bek's first time in Cali, so we hit some of my favorite spots in S.F. to make the adventure complete. Sometimes I forget that we live in one of the most gorgeous cities on the planet...That's why I genuinely love playing tour guide and discovering this place through new eyes again + again! We packed our days with the perfect balance of painting the town and embroidering t-shirts in front of the TV. {More on that later...}
Some of the week's highlights:
01. Lunch + wandering through the Ferry Building Farmer's Market
02. Desserts from Miette
03. Huge progress with our knitting projects
04. A breeze through Fisherman's Wharf & Ghiradelli Square {Advice: never spend more than 2 hours here when in San Francisco. There's so much more to see and do!!}
05. Lunch at Boudin sour dough bakery
06. A trip to the top of Coit tower on the brightest + clearest day for sweeping views of the city + beyond
07. Spotting a flock of bright green parrots on Telegraph Hill
08. A stroll around the Palace of Fine Arts {see pic above...we saw swans!}
09. Daily pots of tea
10. An afternoon in Union Square
11. Hunting for the perfect pair of skinny jeans at Macy's
12. Checking out the adorable boutiques + shops in Hayes Valley, Fillmore, and Union Street, some of my very favorite neighborhoods
13. Seriously hitting all of the thrift stores in the Mission
14. Inadvertently discovering Mission Statement, a tiny boutique coop of some of the coolest up-and-coming SF designers
15. Picnic in Golden Gate park in front of the Conservatory of Flowers
16. A stop at Peapod Fabrics + Britex, the stuff our dreams are made of
17. Dinners at the best Italian and Indian restaurants in our neighborhood
18. Thai + gelato with friends after church
19. {Multiple} trips to the beach
20. Taking advantage of free admission at museums...Gotta love the first few weekdays of the month!

Crafting our own souvenirs. Yeah, funny story. The entire weekend was so perfect and gorgeous and we couldn't stop obsessing about the fleet of sailboats sprinkled across the Bay. That's when we started jonesing for friends with yachts and time to take us sailing with them. And suddenly the idea was born: We needed t-shirts that said "I'd rather be yachting." 5% cool and 95% dorky, I know. But we each designed our own using fabric applique and embroidery and finished them up during the course of watching the Notebook and Mamma Mia! They actually turned out to look pretty stinking cute!

Our little boy is already a ladies' man!!


Brittany said...

those are the cutest shirts! how did you do it? what i mean is, how could a non-sewing, non-crafty person like me make one?

Michelle said...

This is absolutely adorable! And I'd like to second the comment above mine! Is there an easy step by step process to making one of these?

Your baby belly is just precious!

Miss G said...

This is sooo fun! I love the shirts! I like just exactly this type of girls weekend! Yea for friends. Kelly

rinse repeat said...

How adorable! Love your choice of baby blue :)