december daily {no. 17} : merriment

Yesterday Jeff and I both had the day off--free to run about the city, free of responsibility. We had a tasty lunch out and hit the Asian Art Museum with our friends Eric & Kirsten in the afternoon. Then back home to get all gussied up for the date of the year: Jeff's sister Heather gave us tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera! {Thanks Heather! We had the best time!!} It was an early Christmas gift, since it's just showing in S.F. through the first week of the year and we weren't sure we'd be able to catch a show after Christmas. Before the show, we had a fabulous dinner at swanky Houston's. (Silly, because Jeff works there, but I love the food, love the rock-star service, and love the discount!!) From there, we caught the adorable F Car to get to the theater district. Although not the quickest, these street cars are definitely the coolest way to get around. The city has a collection of vintagey cars from around the world, each painted different colors. They're unusually neat and clean inside and have darling little wreaths on their fronts at Christmastime! So unbelievably charming. We made it to the Orpheum with just 30 seconds to spare before the show began (phew!). And I can't speak highly enough of the performance. Amazing. Seriously, the best night ever.

How lame am I for not taking pics? I even made a point of dashing back into our apartment to grab my camera on the way out, just to capture all of the fun. Lo and behold, we've all been there, I was greeted with a dead battery situation. So am hoping that my borrowed flickr pic by photomato will suffice for the wonders of today's experience.


Pfeiffer Photos said...

Super fun photo in this post! We saw Phantom last summer...my first time, hubby's second. So dramatic, loved it!

Mira, Amelia, and 'rents said...

Jessica, Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorites! I had the privilege of seeing in on Broadway in NYC and a couple of times here in Minneapolis. I'm taking my daughter on her 5th birthday to share the joy with me. I think she will love it! Apparently our seats are in one of the best spots to see the chandelier drop! Will be so fun!