december daily {no. 16} : city sidewalks

This afternoon I hopped down to Union Square to pick up my very last few Christmas gifts. That's right. All done! And had I not been near-finishing, I think I might have had a panic attack in all of the commercial holiday hub-bub. It gets completely out of control, don't you think? Instead, I had a delightful time meandering about, admiring the big city sidewalks dressed in holiday style. The lights are fabulous! But the front of Williams-Sonoma is my very favorite sight to behold. Makes you want to cozy in and buy a few red + green Kitchenaid mixers, or maybe just savor a sample of their exquisite peppermint bark.
Here's a little California Christmas tree for those of you drowning in snow and subzero wind chills! Wish you were here. But don't be too jealous...It was a damp, blustery 41 degrees here today and I actually thought about wearing mittens. It's kinda cute when San Franciscans complain about the cold.
For once, I picked up a slew of beautiful baubles at Anthropologie without actually spending a pretty penny. Believe it: the sales are phenomenous! Half the store is on sale, which makes everything extra tempting, now that it's so suddenly within reach. I was like a kid in a candy store. This place steals my heart.
And perhaps the most splendid sight of all: the 5 story tree in the windows of Neiman Marcus (Or, as my dad would say, Needless Markups). Definitely the most festive view from my bus-stop. Home to nibble on Christmas cookies and sip hot chocolate!


Bekka said...

These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Especially for me, because our town only has light-up snowflakes on lampposts. :)

And it is cute when you guys complain about the cold. :D

Danielle said...

Oh this makes me miss San Francisco so much! Every Christmas my dad's parents would take Emily and I to Union Square, to Neiman Marcus to gape at the tree, to the huge FAO Schwarz toy store (RIP FAO Schwarz), and it was magical. Heh, and yes--it was cold. Give yourself a little time there and you'll be complaining about the San Francisco chill too. =)

Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Miss G said...

Oh! Seeing that first picture of Macy's takes me back to our honeymoon! Our hotel was right by Union Square. (Hotel Diva) Did you go into H&M. My sweet husband gave me some time one morning to go shop at H&M. I love going when I can because we don't have them here. Oh and don't you just love Anthropolgie's window displays. So inspiring. I picked up a couple things there myself last week! So excited to see the sale stuff already. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. Kelly

Sara Christine said...

I haven't made it down to Union Square this holiday season. FOR SHAME! Thanks for sharing your photos, I gotta get there ASAP!

Cottage Mommy said...

So pretty! I've always wanted to spend Christmas in a big city and see all the sights. I can't imagine no cold or snow for Christmas though. We just got back from a warm weather trip and it didn't feel Christmasy at all! Thanks for sharing all the pretties!

gatorslp said...

I absolutely feel the same way about anthropologie! Our store is at Hyde Park in Tampa and even if it is a 'chain store' I enjoy getting lost in the luxe of it all!