december daily {no. 14} : comfy cozy are we

Comfy cozy are we.

Loving the look of our newly-rearranged living room! It's perfect for adoring the lights of our fresh+sweetly trimmed tree. Suddenly, this little apartment of ours is feeling more homey than ever before.

Perfect for today's advent calendar activity: "Snuggle in front of the tree...for a festive Sunday afternoon nap."


have a lovely said...

everything looks so very lovely {and cozy too!!} your bookshelves look great btw!! hope you are feeling wonderful!

Megan said...

Beautiful Jessica! Makes my little fake tree blush in embarrassment ;) I would prefer to have a real tree, but my dear kittycat would think it was another bowl of water for him to drink from..and well, I guess I should follow the rules of the apartment complex, hehe :)

Enjoy your sweet tree and nap with dear hubby.

<3, megan

Becca said...

Your tree looks great. The place looks very cozy, wish I could join you and enjoy a cup of cocoa together.

Kelly said...

My goodness your only twenty three and you've made yourself a home like this already-- it's very cozy and pretty!!