i didn't mean to ruin your day

dear mr. silver toyota corola,

i didn't mean to ruin your day. i didn't think it would come down to this. but let's face it, you ruined mine first. when i woke to find you parked in front of my driveway this morning, i thought i'd be alright in the end. i had 45 minutes before i needed to leave for class. maybe you'd move your big fat front end, or maybe i could just back out over the curb on the opposite side. besides, you were blocking my new neighbor's driveway too...maybe you belonged to my new neighbor? or my new neighbor's friend? but i knocked on that new neighbor's door, and she didn't seem to be home. a quick call to the landlord, and i confirmed that you indeed did not belong to anyone in our building.

so it came down to this. i called that shady san francisco department of transportation...reported my grievance. and an unhurried hour later, a meter maid came to write your death sentence. and then you were towed. towed far away. and i am sorry to ruin your day--but just remember: you made me very very late and very very cranky in the first place.

photo by work2snap


Bekka said...

Oh my! Good for you, though! I probably would have done the same thing.

Secondstreetdesigns said...

That is so funny! I mean- other than you being late. Nicely told too.

Fairlightday said...

Oh goodness. The rudeness of some people. So sorry you were late, but you did a great job story telling. :)

Michelle, Chris, Mira, and Amelia said...

I remember asking if people parked in front of your driveway. I think you should paint yellow there, the universal sign for NO PARKING! Sorry you were late, but loved the story. Lesson learned the hard way for him.
Hope you are well!

Leslie said...


sorry for being late, and dealing with tow trucks, they really are of the no fun variety..

Megan said...

hehehe, GOOD JOB!! People can be so inconsiderate.

Aminta said...

He He! Adorebale for such a terrible situation!
Love your writings!!!!!

fooledinsf said...

Hey, don't feel bad about having to perform the dreaded SF "ticket and tow." As you have found out from living here in our fine city the past couple of years, parking =karma.