hello/goodbye summer

I know I mentioned this before, but last week, summer finally came to San Francisco. Yes, the week of Labor Day: the heat finally broke through our blustery, foggy daily grind and graced us with beautiful sunshine 7 days straight! While most of the country was preparing to kiss its long hot days goodbye, I was pleased as punch...digging shorts out from the bottom of the dresser drawers, opening the windows, and maybe even turning on a fan!? Last Friday we both had a day off together (Hallelujah--imagine that!) and spent every second of it outside basking in the sun. We had a delightful impromptu picnic at Ocean Beach, cleaned out our garage (awesome feeling!), played a game of tennis, and walked to our favorite Indian food place for supper. Mmmm...summer. Thanks for paying us a quick visit on your way off the calendar.


michelle said...

Same in Seattle - what is it about back-to-school that makes the sunshine come out in full force? Well, I guess I'd rather take it now than never! ENJOY!

kt mac said...

Can you send some of that summer this way when your done :)

The picnic basket, the large towel, the magazines and is that a scrappy hand made bag next to you the pink and white thing? It all looks so lovely.

Chelle said...

Yay for a day together to bask in the sun and clean out your garage!

The weather remains beautiful here in Seattle. Absolutely, perfectly beautiful for like ten days straight now. And we are feeling so spoiled.