operation shower curtain

This week Sarah (my gorgeous+amazing friend from childhood) emailed me, with a very fun little decorating challenge. Check out her bathroom before pics above: She's due for a shower curtain update, and says her current curtain brings little more to the room than a hue to match her treasured antique wall hangings (clipped from a 1930s calendar--how cool!) Not to mention, guests have described her bathroom as "beachy"--and with or without a jar of seashells, this is certainly not the look she's going for.

The challenge:
*Find a new shower curtain that will bring grown-up style to the room
*Keep the antique gold embellishments (curtain hooks, pictures/frames)
*Achieve a delicate, vintage, shabby chic look
*Budget: is willing to spend more than the average Target curtain, but let's stay reasonable
*Stain/mold resistant is a plus! :)

Freedonia shower curtain $97, Sundew shower curtain $88, Grass & Sky $88
:: I love the vibrant patterns these 3 display! They definitely win points in the stylish and vintage departments. I think these would look great with Sarah's antique wall hangings.
Brooke shower curtain $48, Martha Stewart aqua Dots & Swirls curtain $39
:: Classic. I can't help myself, I keep going back to PB Kids for decorating elements in my semi-grown-up world. I love these delicate fabric applique leaves. I also love the simple, sweet airiness with Martha's aqua curtain on right. It would look so crisp and clean in a purely white bathroom.

Ruffles shower curtain $29, Paper Flowers $88, Madeleine $118
:: If I'm understanding the great Rachel Ashwell, quintessential shabby chic is comprised of a 90% white backdrop. I love these classic white curtains--all with an unique, feminine twist. Whether its ruffles, ribbons, or lace, they're all so elegant and lovely!

So best of luck with your hunt Sarah! Hope you're officially inspired and can't wait to see what you decide to hang.


Elijah's Mom said...

Are we voting? I vote for the Brooke shower curtain or Martha Stewart aqua Dots & Swirls. :-D

Fairlightday said...

My favorites are the Martha Stewart one and the ruffle one. I've had both picked out for quite a while.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

PB Kids has plenty of great stuff that works for adults...rugs, shower curtains, pillows. Did you look at Ikea yet? Happy weekend!

Chelle said...

I adore Brooke also love the M.S. aqua dots and swirls. Such a darling post. Who knew shower curtains could be THIS cute?!?!